Pure enjoyment with the "6 in 1" solution

bottle cooling - protection against light and dirt - advertising space - eyecatcher - bottle fixing - iCOOLI

Let me introduce myself: I am your cooling assistant, my name is iCOOLI, use me for your cold drinks!



I am a patented application for your beverage crate. I am available for many different crates. I will be applied from above the bottlenecks. I protect bottles against lightt exposures (not my transparents model) and so against changes in flavour of the drinks. Besides I protect the bottles against rain and dirt. I fix the bottles at the transport so that they don't rattle. In addition you can use my body for advertising of you or your partners.


And now the best: I can be filled with ice and cool your bottles, no matter where. Use me!





The offer addresses for example breweries. You could use iCOOLI ex factory.

You could still pile up the crates on europallets.

One emerging synergy for business partners is the selling of ice and crushed ice.




You will buy me directly from the patentee.


I am "Made in Germany". I can be produced by 100% recyclable material.



I am already developed for the standardised beverage crates but if you want I can be developed for every bottle and for every beverage crate. I can be produced out of many different materials. Therefore my weight and my wall thickness differs. My color can also be adjust to your wishes. Use me!