No more rattling of the bottles

It can be very annoying if the bottles rattle at the transport. iCOOLI clings perfectly on the bottles and the bottlenecks. Because of this fixation with iCOOLI the transport will be silent and you can transport the bottles in a relaxed way.




And now the best: the cooling effect

With iCOOLI there are two different ways to cool the bottle or keep the bottles cold. This is also possible for outdoor-activities whereby you can't cool the drinks differently. You can gain the fastest cooling effect with crushed ice. You fill the crushed ice into iCOOLI, fill it additionally with water and then you spread salt over it. Now you can put iCOOLI on the crate and the bottles get cooled. Another alternative is to fill iCOOLI with water and let it freeze. Then you can put the freezed water in the crate. This is the best option if the bootles are precooled. The cooling of the bottles with iCOOLI is faster than the cooling with a fridge but not as fast as the cooling with a freezer. Therefore no losses of flavour arises. The bottles don't touch the ice directly so that the bottlenecks don't freeze and no melting water weeps up the bottles. The bottles stay dry and the labels keep sticking on the bottle.






Enjoy a cool beer or drink with friends at the beach, in the park or in the garden. At every party, camping, fishing, public viewing or other stuff. It's so easy with iCOOLI. Use iCOOLI!