iCOOLI's skills


Advantages for the producers

  • protects against changes in flavour because of light exposures
  • protects the bottles against environment influences, e.g. rain
  • provides advertising space
  • eyecatcher at the point of sale

Advantages for customers

  • cooling of the bottles through filling with ice
  • no more rattling of the bottles

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Advantages for producers


Protection against light exposures


iCOOLI protects against the exposure of  light, e.g. sunshine. The light exposure could change the flavour of the drinks in the bottles. Strong smelling chemical bonds could emrge in the bottles, especially in beer.

iCOOLI produced out of non-transparent material is a simple and efficient protection against the emerging chemical bonds. This is perfect for white or yellow bottles. For brown bottles iCOOLI produced out of clear or opaque material can be used. iCOOLI prevents the light exposures and the flavour of the drinks is not affected. You can sell the bottles without concern to your customers. With iCOOLI you can save high costs because of reimbursements and bad quality.


Protection against environmental influences


iCOOLI protects the bottles against rain and dirt. The corrosion at the part of the cap which is not galvanized is prevented with iCOOLI. Complaints about dirty bottles can not occur with iCOOLI and the bottles appear more attractive and more hygienic to the customers.


Eyecatcher at the point of sale


85 % of the buying decisions occur at the POS. You can stand out against other producers of beverages with colored iCOOLI on your crates. Your products will get the customers' attention because of the colored iCOOLI. Your product will be the eyecatcher and you can increase your sales with iCOOLI.


Provides advertising space


80% of the beer brands sell their products because of price. You should sell your product because of innovation. iCOOLI provides space for advertising on its outside. As producer you can place your own advertise or the advertise of your partners on iCOOLI. If you sell mixed drinks in cooperation with other producers of beverages, you can use this space to advertise in common with your partner or you can promote your partner.











Give your customers the guarantee of perfect flavour and clean, attractive bottles!